Advanced IVR: Understanding Customer Demographics

Why is it important for companies to know who their customers are? When businesses understand their customers, they can effectively market their products and services to meet customers’ needs and create more opportunities for new sales, cross-selling, and up-selling.

Customer demographics are categories of consumer groups used for business purposes. The most commonly used categories include age, gender, race/ethnicity, household income, education level, marital status, and geographical location. Companies can use the information to craft marketing campaigns and sales pitches that are more relevant to their customers.

For example, the owners of an automobile dealership want to learn more about their customers in order to identify more sales opportunities. They decide to collect data from customers via a survey. The demographics data enables dealers to offer vehicle amenities and upgrades tailored to their customers’ needs.

Advanced IVR enables businesses to quickly and easily identify their customer demographics. Virtual Agents that autonomously handle routine and repetitive transactions deliver the survey and collect customer responses, without diverting staff from higher-value responsibilities.

Use Data Collection Survey in Advanced IVR to:

  • Swiftly create, deploy, and manage automated phone surveys asking customers to answer open questions such as:
    • What is your age/gender/household income?
    • How often do you purchase products like ours?
    • Who in your household makes buying decisions?
    • What features or benefits do you look for when you purchase products like ours?
  • Get started quickly with the self-service portal and pre-configured templates.
  • Customize surveys to suit specific business requirements.
  • Integrate with an existing CRM system or create standalone campaigns.
  • Track survey results with graphical reports, analytics, and other tools.
  • Export reports in multiple formats: image, .pdf, .xls, or .csv.
  • Refine operations and enhance services based on customer insight.
  • Free the staff to focus on higher-value activities.


Understanding the customer demographics not only ensures a more efficient allocation of marketing and sales resources, but it also creates more personalized interactions, improving customer service and fostering customer loyalty and retention. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva Account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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