Caller ID displaying incorrectly

Caller ID information (custom name and associated number) may display incorrectly (or not display at all) on the recipient’s phone for any of the following reasons:

  • The caller has not sent the caller ID update request for the carrier to update the national caller ID database. For information on requesting a caller ID update, click here. Updating the National caller ID database can take up to 30 business days to complete.
  • The recipient’s carrier has not pulled the caller’s new caller ID information from the national caller ID database. Nextiva cannot control how often the recipient’s carrier updates its databases.
  • The recipient’s carrier does not display caller ID information.
  • The caller ID name has a 15-character limit, so a name exceeding this length will be cut off on the recipient’s phone. A typical display name is 9 to 12 characters.
  • The caller’s number is a toll-free or fax number. Caller ID for toll-free and fax numbers cannot be changed.


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