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What is free caller registry?

The three major mobile spam systems have created a website allowing businesses to register their outbound numbers to help prevent getting added to the spam database. If your call recipients are already flagging the number as spam, you should submit your number to attempt to get it removed from the database.

How it works

Legitimate call originators can visit to provide calling numbers – including business numbers – and what name they’d prefer to use outbound. This information is immediately distributed to First Orion, Hiya, and TNS, who will use the information to support the reputation with the major cell phone carriers. All registrants receive a receipt of their submission directly from each service provider. This direct line of communication enables convenient, comprehensive communication with each company. 

Visit the FCR Site and click Register Here.

What you need to provide

List of company numbers 
Categories calling (Collections, Attorney, Telemarketing, etc)
Contact Name
Company Phone
Calling Company Name
Calling Company Address
Zip Code
Calling Company URL
Service Provider(s): Nextiva
Calls per Month
Information or examples of calls being labeled as spam

Best Practices to avoid getting marked as spam

  • Adhere to the national Do-Not-Call Registry ().

  • Know what times of day you can legally call in different states.

  • Identify yourself and your company on every call, including when leaving a voicemail.

  • Create an opt-in process for contacts who wish to receive communication via phone.

  • Allow your contacts to opt-out, and if they do, you must comply.

  • Use a local phone number.

  • Use CRM or analytics tools to measure success. Repeatedly calling those who don’t answer will likely end up getting marked as spam.

Other Facts

  • Registering with Free Call Registry doesn’t guarantee that numbers won’t be marked as spam.

  • Registering doesn’t guarantee that numbers, once removed from the spam database, won’t be readded.

  • Each 3rd party spam service may be contacted directly with questions.

  • Consider registering numbers before undertaking large outbound phone campaigns (highly recommended).

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