Changing the Outbound Caller ID

Outbound Caller ID displays the caller’s name and number on the recipient’s phone. A central registry contains the National Caller ID Database for registered phone numbers. Phone carriers periodically “dip” the National Caller ID Database for the latest Caller IDs to store in their databases. When a caller places a call, the recipient’s phone carrier retrieves the Caller ID information from its database and displays it on the recipient’s phone. 

To change Caller ID information, the caller’s carrier must update the National Caller ID Database so other carriers can update their databases when they dip the National Caller ID Database. To initiate an update to the National Caller ID Database, submit a Caller ID Update request. 

Please allow up to 30 days for the National Caller ID Database to reflect the new Caller ID.


Submitting a Caller ID Update Request

To change how the outbound Caller ID displays on the recipients’ phones, please email Nextiva with the following information:

  • Phone number(s): The phone number(s) that need a Caller ID update.
  • Address: Required by some carriers but is not published.
  • The new Caller ID to display: 15 characters or less, including spaces.
  • The account security PIN: Required to authorize Nextiva to make account changes.

NOTE: Nextiva cannot update the Caller ID on toll-free and fax numbers.


Nextiva will send the Caller ID Update request to their partnering carriers, who will update the National Caller ID Database. Nextiva will send an email to confirm the completion of the request (about 10-15 business days). Please allow time for the new Caller ID to display on the recipients’ phones. Carriers dip the National Caller ID Database at different frequencies (e.g. some carriers dip weekly, while others dip monthly or quarterly), so times will vary.


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Updated on January 9, 2020

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