Why Do I Hear Crackling on the Line?

When hearing crackling on the line, static, buzzing, or other audio quality issues, hardware failure might be the cause. Hardware failure typically affects one device at a time and not all devices on the network. Common symptoms of hardware failure include:

  • Static on the line
  • Crackling sound
  • The speakerphone works fine, but the handset does not
  • The handset works fine, but the headset does not

To begin troubleshooting, test the handset on a different phone. If the issue persists on another phone, the handset is defective. Replace the handset and restest to resolve the issue.

To test a headset, attempt to connect the headset to another phone, and if the issue persists on the other phone, then the headset is defective. Replace the headset and retest to resolve the issue.

Faulty Ethernet cords can also cause static and line quality issues. Replace the Ethernet cord to see if the audio problem persists.

Finally, a failing power supply may cause audio issues. Test the audio with a different power adapter. If the audio issue does not persist, replace the power adapter.


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