Why Can I Only Hear Every Other Word?

One of the more common problems when making and receiving VoIP calls is when a call connects, but one or both parties hear only every other word, or a delay in the line makes it seem like both parties are talking over each other. If the problem occurs on one phone, the underlying cause can vary from hardware to network configuration. Common symptoms of choppy audio include:

  • Inbound audio cuts out
  • Outbound audio cuts out
  • Inbound and outbound audio cuts out
  • Delay on the line causing parties to talk over each other
  • Calls drop and reconnect

To begin troubleshooting choppy, delayed, or broken audio, verify the integrity of the local network. VoIP devices require an upload and download speed of 0.1 Mbps each. Computers and connected devices such as wirelessly connected cellular phones, printers, etc. need an upload and download speed of 0.3 Mbps each. Jitter must be less than 15 – 20 ms, and packet loss must be 0%. To run the Nextiva Network Quality Speed Test, click here. Compare the results with the chart below.

Recommended Network Quality Speed Test Results

Firewall Access Rules control the flow of inbound and outbound Internet traffic from the local network to the public Internet. Both routers and firewalls use access rules to control traffic and verify the source and destination addresses are permitted to send and receive traffic on the local network.

Nextiva recommends that a local Network Administrator whitelist the following rules in the firewall:

Nextiva’s Firewall Access Rules




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