Installing Go Integrator Cara

Go Integrator Cara provides an integration between Nextiva voice and contact oriented business applications and CRM systems — giving you Amazing Service® and the reliability of Nextiva with Go Integrator Cara. Go Integrator allows you to dial any number with ease, sync customer records with our voice platform, and work collaboratively with any supported integrations. 

Go Integrator Cara requires assistance from Nextiva’s amazing support team before installing. To contact Nextiva’s amazing support team, click here. To see what CRM integrations are available, click here

Once configured on your account by Nextiva, follow the steps below: 

  1. Download and install Go Integrator Cara. To download the latest supported version, click here
  2. Once installation is complete, enter the access code (CCHNEXT) > OK
  3. Enter your Nextiva username followed by (i.e., and password. Click Log in
  4. From the system tray, right-click on the Go Integrator Cara icon (green circle), and select Configuration > Integrations.
  5. Select the desired integrations from the provided list, and click Set
  6. Adjust settings as needed, and click Save

For more information on how to use Go Integrator Cara, click here


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