Advanced IVR: Enabling Customers to Track Shipments

Call centers that handle shipments and returns often experience high call volumes. Many of those calls involve simple queries about the status or location of orders. How can companies address these simple tracking queries without diverting employees from focusing on more complex queries?

Advanced IVR offers a cloud-based self-service solution for customers to conveniently and quickly track and trace shipments. Where personalized attention is required, customers have the option to speak to a live agent, who receives call details from the IVR via ScreenPop to reduce call handling times.

Use Advanced IVR Track + Trace to:

  • Provide callers a convenient and time-saving self-service option for simple tracking queries.
  • Reduce call handling costs through automation.
  • Lower call handling times by presenting call details to agents so they can provide personalized attention.
  • Easily customize and quickly deploy call prompts and call handling with no coding or advanced technical skills required.
  • Free the staff to focus on higher-value priorities.
  • Obtain detailed call data insights via customizable graphical reports in a browser-based portal.


Advanced IVR helps businesses reduce transactional load and enhance personalized service, increasing operational efficiency and improving the customer experience. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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