Creating Surveys

Create Surveys to gather personal feedback from prospects and customers at any stage of the sale or service. Keep your finger on the pulse of your client base and gain insight whenever you like. You can customize and automate Surveys to send them out when certain specifics are met, for example, two days after the sale or immediately after the customer emails support.

Analysis of the Survey data helps businesses make more informed decisions to drive the business forward.



To create a Survey:

  1. Visit, and click Login to log in to NextOS.
  2. From the NextOS Home Page, select Surveys
  3. Go to Manage Surveys > Create Survey > Enter a name for the Survey.

NOTE: For information on creating Surveys from a template, click here.

  1. Design the Landing Page. The landing page describes the Survey and gathers initial information from the customer. Add and customize any of the Landing elements from the sidebar.

Landing Elements

NOTE: Turn the Landing page ON or OFF by clicking the ON/OFF button. By default, the landing page is turned on.

  1. Click the gray Next button to customize it.
  2. Design the body of the Survey.  Expand Survey in the sidebar to access the Survey elements and Question Bank.
    1. NOTE: Add questions from the Question Bank by selecting the desired questions and clicking Add. Filter the questions by Category or use the Search box to locate specific survey questions. After adding the questions, modify as needed.

Survey Questions

Question Bank

  1. Customize the Submit and Back buttons.
  2. Design the Thank You page. Expand Thank You in the sidebar to access the Thank You elements.

Thank You Elements

NOTE: Turn the Thank You page ON or OFF by clicking the ON/OFF button. By default, it is turned on.

  1. Set the survey Styling to apply a consistent look for all parts of the survey. Expand Styling in the sidebar and configure the style settings on the Custom tab.

Custom Tab for Styling

  1. Expand Settings in the sidebar to configure the settings accessible from the sidebar.
  • On the General tab, configure the following settings:
      • Edit survey URL: Edit the survey share link.
      • Email distribute: Create a rule to distribute the survey via email. For information on automation and rules, click here.
      • Embedded: Generate code to embed the survey on a website. Specify the embedded frame size and border style of the survey.
      • Post survey logic: Enable survey logic to automate actions based on a response.
      • Stop date: Set a cut-off date and time for when the survey will stop collecting responses.
      • Multiple Responses: Specify the time frame for a user to take the survey (only once, not more than once a day, not more than once a week, or unlimited) and add a message for repeat visitors.
      • Limit responses: Set a maximum number of responses that the survey will collect (Unlimited is the default) and specify whether partial responses will count towards the maximum number (yes/checked is the default).
  • On the Email reports tab, select the frequency for receiving email updates with survey results.
  • On the Access tab, configure the following setting:
      • IP address access: Allow or block specific IP addresses, enter the IP address(es) and add a message for blocked visitors. 
      • reCaptcha: Use the toggle to turn ON (green) or OFF a captcha to protect the survey from machine input.
  1. Click Finish.

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