Call Center Routing Adjustment: Night Service

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From the Nextiva Voice Admin Dashboard, hover over Advanced Routing > Call Center Locations > Log In. Once the Configuration Portal launches in a new tab, select Call Center > Call Centers > Edit.

Nextiva Selecting a Call Center

On the Call Center Profile screen, click Routing Policies Night Service > set up the below settings > Ok or Apply.

  • None: Turns off Night Service.
  • Perform busy treatment: Performs standard busy treatment for Night Service calls after the Night Service schedule is triggered.
  • Transfer to phone number / SIP-URI: Transfers Night Service calls to a specified extension or phone number after Night Service is triggered.
  • Force night service now regardless of business hours schedule: Manually enables Night Service now, regardless of the schedule selected. Beneficial to ensure proper routing after Night Service has been configured.
  • Business hours: Specifies the hours the Call Center is active. Any time outside of these hours will perform Night Service Routing. For information on setting up schedules, click here.  
  • Play announcement before night service action: Can play a default or custom message to let the caller know what to expect during Night Service.
  • Announcement to play in manual override mode: When Night Service is manually triggered, a default or custom message will play.
  • Audio: Plays the Default Nextiva announcement, plays an audio file located online, or you can select a custom greeting. Announcements are chained and playback to the caller one after another. The two sections detail Normal Mode Audio (for a set schedule), and Manual Mode Audio to play a different message if Night Service is triggered manually. For information on uploading announcements, click here.
Nextiva Call Center Night Service Configuration

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