Will My Nextiva Service Work During a Power Outage?

Automatically route all incoming calls to a non-Nextiva number or another device in the event of a power or internet outage. 

Make and receive calls directly from your mobile phone or desktop with the Nextiva App. For more information on the Nextiva App, click here

Call forwarding when unreachable automatically forwards all incoming calls to a different phone number, such as a cell phone. 

  • For NextOS accounts, visit Call forwarding when unreachable for more information. 
  • For Pactolos accounts, click Sites > EmployeesLogin > Phone Settings. Enter the forwarding number under Alternate Phone Number

NOTE: This feature may take 30-60 minutes to activate, depending on your account type and network settings.

  • For Trunking accounts, click on the trunk and select Device Options > Edit. Add the number under Alternate Forwarding Phone Number.
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