What are Firewall Access Rules?

Firewall Access Rules control the flow of inbound and outbound Internet traffic from the local network to the public Internet. Both routers and firewalls use access rules to control traffic and verify the source and destination addresses are permitted to send and receive traffic on the local network. In some cases, the default firewall rules might cause Nextiva’s data traffic to be blocked. The simplest way to avoid issues is to open inbound and outbound traffic to and from Nextiva’s IP addresses.

Nextiva recommends that a local Network Administrator whitelist the following rules in the firewall:

Nextiva’s Firewall Access Rules

Additional Settings:

  • Transport Method Set to TCP
  • UDP Timeout set above 90 seconds
  • Multicast enabled
  • Port 5062 Open to SIP (VoIP) Traffic
  • Disable SIP ALG – For further information on SIP ALG, click here.
  • Ensure the local network is not experiencing Double NAT. For further information on Double NAT, click here.

TIP: If you are experiencing any issues with pulling the date/time, but the devices are provisioned, confirm port 123 is open for UDP for the above IP ranges.

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