Setting up Wi-Fi for Nextiva X-815/835/885

The Snom A210 Wi-Fi dongle is required to set up Wi-Fi for the Nextiva X-815/835/885, allowing the device to connect to the internet wirelessly. The firmware should be on the latest release: in order for the Wi-Fi to function properly.

NOTE: If the phones are not on the latest release there will be no WiFi SSIDs in the scan menu.

Steps to Setup Wi-Fi Dongle:

  1. Unplug the phone from power.
  2. Plug the WI-FI dongle into the USB port on the right side of the phone.
  3. Plug in the power adapter to boot up the phone.
  4. After about a few minutes, the screen will say “Sending DHCP requests”. Press X to skip, or this message will display forever, as it is not connected to a network to complete DHCP negotiation.
  5. Wait at least 30 seconds after full boot-up to move on. 
  6. You’ll know the phone has not been provisioned if the screen shows “Welcome! Press any key to log in.”  Press the check button to go to the log-in screen.  If the phone was already provisioned, skip this step.
  7. Press the Settings hard key.
  8. Navigate to and select Network.
  9. Next, select WLAN.
  10. Turn on WLAN by switching the toggle to On.
  11. Select Scan WLAN. It will say Running for a few moments while it searches for a wireless network list.
  12. Select the desired Wi-Fi network. 
  13. Enter the Wi-Fi password and press the checkmark hard key when done.
    • The Edit Mode softkey can be used to change between uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.
    • While in letter mode, the 0 key will allow you to type both a space ” ” and an underscore “_” character.
    • While in letter mode, the 1 key will allow you to type all other special characters. 
  14. Press the softkey button that says Reboot on the bottom left. 
  15. The phone will reboot for a couple of minutes and come up connected to Wi-Fi.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • If you reboot to a point that it says “Sending DHCP requests…” over and over for over 30 seconds, the credentials are likely incorrect or all of the steps weren’t followed, such as the Wi-Fi was not turned on. 
  • Check the Wi-Fi password and SSID are correct. 
  • Make sure the firmware is on If the firmware is below, the phone will need a wired connection to update its firmware before installation.



        NEXTIVA X-815                        NEXTIVA X-835                       NEXTIVA X-885







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