Provisioning the Yealink T3X

When setting up a new device on your Nextiva account, the first two steps are to create a User and add a device.

Be sure to complete these steps before provisioning your phone(s). If you purchased your new phone(s) directly from Nextiva, you are all set! Plug the phone into a power source as well as the Internet, and you should now be able to make a test call.

If you did not purchase your phone(s) from Nextiva, please follow these setup steps.


Before provisioning the Yealink T3X phone you need to gather the IP address information. This can be found by pressing the OK button in the center of the directional pad. The IP address will display on the screen.

Access the Web Interface (GUI)

Using a web browser, type the IP address into your address bar.

Next, you’ll need to log in. The username is admin and the password is admin.

Once you have logged into the phone through your web browser, click the Settings tab at the top of the screen. This will populate more options on the left-hand side of the screen. You are going to want to select Auto Provision on the left-hand menu.

Select the correct provisioning address for the model of phone you are provisioning.  Highlight the correct address and copy/paste the URL (below).


Place the provisioning address in the field called Server URL and select Autoprovision Now.

Once you have selected Autoprovsion Now, the phone should reboot and update with the correct settings.

Note: If the phone doesn’t auto-provision, make sure to check that the correct MAC address and Model phone have been assigned to the employee.

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