Nextiva Link: Usage policy

How is usage billed with Nextiva Link?

With Nextiva Link, the only usage billing would be charges for going over your monthly minute allotment or any toll-free calls to your Nextiva Link account.

You will receive a pro forma invoice to the email address on file 5 days before the monthly recurring fee is billed to your card on file. Nextiva service is pre-paid, so you’ll be paying for the next month of service along with last month’s usage charges. The monthly recurring subscription fee is not billed in arrears.

Example: I begin service on January 1st and I am billed for the monthly subscription fees upon sign up. If I have a 500 minute plan and I use 750 minutes during January, the additional 250 minutes I went over are billed along with my next recurring subscription fee on the February 1st.


Nextiva Link Unlimited is the only plan where there is no limit to your number of minutes and no extra charge for incoming calls.


Nextiva Link Unlimited

Local: Unlimited

Toll-Free: 4.5 Cents per minute

Nextiva Link 500 Minutes

Local: 4.5 cents per minute beyond 500 minutes monthly

Toll-Free: 4.5 Cents per minute

Nextiva Link 100 Minutes

Local: 4.5 cents per minute beyond 100 minutes

Toll-Free: 4.5 Cents per minute

International Calls

For a full list of international calling rates, click here.

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