Reading your Nextiva invoice

Recently, Nextiva updated how we organize the layout of customer bills to make them easier to navigate. There are two main sections. First, you’ll see account information at the top and then the entire invoice with purchase details. Click here for FAQs.  Let’s explore.

Here is a sample invoice:

At the top of the invoice you’ll find complete account ownership information. 

Then, below you’ll find a detailed breakdown of everything you’re purchasing or using on your account. 

Let’s break it down.

The account information section at the top includes:

  1. Bill-to: the address the invoice covers.
  2. Account Number: the number on the account where Nextiva can find you in our system.
  3. Contact Information: the contact information of the primary person on the account.
  4. Site Number: a unique number is tied to the bill-to address for multiple location bills.
  5. Service period: period of time the invoice charges are applied –  monthly or yearly.
  6. Contract duration: the period of time the services are under contracted.
  7. Contract number: detail for the Docusign contract on file for your account.
  8. Invoice date: date this invoice was issued (this is not the billing due date). Invoices are sent prior to the due date and again after payment is attempted. 
  9. Invoice number: unique number indicating the specific invoice where we can find you in our system. 
  10. Invoice status: status stating whether the invoice is paid or unpaid.
  11. Total due: the payment amount required including taxes and fees.
  12. Payment due date: date the payment will be withdrawn from the account on file OR when alternate payment method must be completed. 
  13. Payment terms: when the payment is due (example: immediately or Net30 (amount of days to remit payment).

Next, the invoice summary section includes:

Recurring: the amount charged monthly, including service charges that are billed monthly along with additional monthly charges.

One-time: the amount charged once, including phones, for example.

Usage: toll free minute usage and/or overages.

Taxes and fees: the taxes and fees associated with the account, for both recurring and one-time charges.

Total: the total amount charged on the invoice.

The invoice details describe the service location that the invoice references. If multiple locations are included in the invoice, they will all be mentioned in the invoice details.

The purchase details section includes:

Type: high level description of items ordered.

SKU: The SKU number, if applicable. All items have a unique SKU for tracking purposes.

Charge type: indicates if the charge is recurring or one-time.

Line Item: brief description of the item.

Quantity: Amount of specific item ordered.

Ext net price: total price of items, excluding taxes.

The invoice breakdown includes the taxes and fees. Here we include a detailed list of all taxes and fees included in the invoice and a total of what is charged.

The Remit to section instructs how to pay the invoice if you are not paying automatically via credit card.

Please remit payment for the invoice(s) referenced herein no later than the payment due date. Be sure to reference your account number and the invoice number(s) on your payment remittance.

  1. Overnight mail: Lockbox Services – 207330, Nextiva Inc, 2975 Regent Blvd –  Suite 1000, Irving, TX 75063
  2. ACH/Wire: Wells Fargo Bank, Nextiva, Inc, ABA 122105278 (ACH), ABA: 121000248 (Wire), Account: 2704620604
  3. Regular mail: Nextiva, Inc, PO Box 2007330, Dallas, TX 75320-7330


The phone number on account section lists all of the phone numbers attached to the account.

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