Setting Up a Cisco 509G with Nextiva

When setting up a new device on your Nextiva account, the first two steps are to create a User and add a device.

Be sure to complete these steps before provisioning your phone(s). If you purchased your new phone(s) directly from Nextiva, you are all set! You should now be able to make a test call.

If you did not purchase your phone(s) from Nextiva, please follow these setup steps.


To Set Up a Cisco 509G:

Currently, this device must be configured by Nextiva Support. To ensure accuracy and correct operation, we ask that you contact our team of support technicians for assistance with this product. Our number is 800-285-7995. Our staff is here to answer questions from 5AM-6PM Arizona Standard Time (Monday-Friday) and from 9AM-1PM on Saturdays.

You can also email us anytime at [email protected]. Please ensure that an Authorized User or the account owner contacts us and they have their security PIN ready.

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