Auto-Provisioning a Panasonic KX-UTG 200B

If you purchased your new phone(s) directly from Nextiva, you are all set! You should be able to make a test call after ensuring that the User has been assigned to the device and that the phone is receiving an IP address.  

When setting up a new device on your Nextiva account, the first two steps are to Create a User, then Add a DeviceBe sure to complete these steps before provisioning your phone(s). 

If you did not purchase your phone(s) from Nextiva, please follow these setup steps.

For help using your Panasonic KX-UTG 200B, including common functions, click here.

Auto-provisioning a Panasonic KX-UTG 200B with Nextiva:

In order to modify the settings for this particular phone, Embedded Web will need to be enabled. This is a setting contained within the interface of the phone.

  • Push the Settings soft-key on the home screen of the Panasonic.
  • Type the following code in using the numeric key-pad: #534
  • You will receive a prompt that will ask you to Enable Embedded Web? Select Yes.

Next, you will need to log into the phone’s Graphic User Interface (GUI) using a computer connected to the same network.


Locate the IP Address

  • Push the Settings soft-key on the home screen of the Panasonic.
  • Next select the option labeled Information Display.
  • On this screen you will be able to locate the IP Address (i.e. 192.x.x.x, 10.x.x.x, or 172.x.x.x).
  • Take note of the IP Address in order to complete the setup.


Access the Graphic User Interface (GUI)

  • Open your Internet browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Firefox).
  • Type the IP Address into your Address Bar located at the top of your internet browser and push the Enter key.
  • You will now be prompted for the default Panasonic Username and Password.
  • Username : admin
  • Password : adminpass
  • Select OK to enter into the interface for the phone (GUI).


Input the Provisioning URL into the Graphic User Interface (GUI):

  • Click on the tab at the top of the page labeled Maintenance.
  • Next, click on the option on the left-hand menu labeled Provisioning Maintenance.
  • You will now need to enter in the correct Auto Provisioning URL in the Provision Server text field.


Copy and paste the following URL into the Provision Server text field (*Note this URL only works for this particular phone):

  • Proceed to select Save at the bottom of the page. Wait a few minutes for the phone to provision and register, and then proceed to make a test call.


NOTE: The Panasonic may not complete a full restart/reboot – it will simply restart its services and attempt to register after obtaining its configuration file.

  • Please be patient, this process can take upwards of 2-3 minutes on average.
  • If you would like to re-access the web GUI, you will need to reenable Embedded Web after this process.

That’s it! You should be able to determine the device has received its configuration file by viewing the home-screen display (this will show your extension and the time).

NOTE: In order for the Panasonic KX-UTG series phones to work with Nextiva’s service, they will require a specific version of firmware. If these instructions have not accurately auto-provisioned your phone, please contact our Amazing Service Team at [email protected] or 800-285-7995 to verify and update your version of firmware as necessary.


For help using your Panasonic KX-UTG 200B, including common functions, click here.

Need additional help? Click here.

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