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How Do I Resolve a Dropped Call?

A dropped call is a call that ends before intentionally hanging up.  You will usually hear either a fast busy signal or lost audio.

Types of Dropped calls

Call Drops and you hear a fast busy sound: a valid call is made and connection is established, then after a period of time the call goes directly to a fast busy signal. In many cases this is caused by multiple routers on the phones’ network or a firewall not set up to accept SIP or VoIP traffic. 

Call Drops to dead air (No Audio): can be caused by anything from the lack of adequate bandwidth to support VoIP, to routing issues with the Internet Service Provider.  In many cases problems with your outgoing audio dropping can be due to an insufficient bandwidth, especially if after maintaining the connection the audio comes back.  Sometimes this can be best described by a "choppy sound" or periods of no audio.

Calls that cannot complete or don’t go through: If you experience a fast busy or other message that indicates a failed call, when calling certain numbers but not others, then most likely the issue is with the way the call is being handled by your provider or another carrier.

Calls that get cut off: This happens because of the algorithm that is used to create a comfort noise during calls; with VoIP, the dial tone and other sounds are created or imposed. This also may be caused by insufficient bandwidth.

If you have experienced a dropped call, check the following:

1. Bandwidth information: We will first want to see what your network capabilities are currently. To do this, please run ping tests multiple times to verify consistency.

Visit to complete testing

  • Download Speed:
  • Upload Speed:
  • Packet loss:
  • Ping:
  • Jitter:

It’s best to run these tests during actual times of poor audio or dropped calls. Testing a healthy or fully working network won’t necessarily direct us towards a resolution.

If you discover packet loss or any irregularities in the network, contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them to test the connection to your modem.  If your network connections are sufficient, please fill out all information below so our Support Team can continue troubleshooting.

2. Provide network information (All of the information will better help us determine dropped call issues).

  • ISP:
  • Modem (make/model):
  • Router (make/model):
  • WAN IP:
  • Switches [(If applicable) make/model]:
  • Download Speed:
  • Upload Speed:
  • Packet loss:
  • Ping:
  • Jitter:

3. Phone information.

  • Phones (make/model):
  • Do the phones have Static IPs?
  • Have you verified all the phones are connected to the same network?

List 1 example of a dropped call. If none are available right now, please make a note of future dropped calls that come in, so that this can be further investigated. List any examples in this format:

CALL EXAMPLE: From XXX, To YYY. Call dropped @ X:XX PM (GMT) on 12/8/12. Duration:

If you have any questions directly ask an Amazing Service Team member here or email us at

Updated on December 27, 2016

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