Nextiva Voice Analytics: Creating Custom Reports

Nextiva understands that business needs vary from company to company. While Nextiva Voice Analytics offers configurable reports that display important call data, it also offers businesses the ability to create custom reports that reflect only the subset of data that is most relevant to their objectives.

For example, a vending company operates in three locations, and the owner wants to regularly view only total, inbound, and outbound call information for each location.

Use Nextiva Voice Analytics to create custom reports and save them for future viewing.

Visit, and click Client Login to log in to NextOS.

If logging in from Nextiva Voice (purchased before Dec 2020), select VoiceAnalytics.

If logging in from NextOS (purchased after Dec 2020), select Communication > Phone System > Voice Overview > Go to Analytics.

On the Nextiva Voice Analytics Home Page, click the Report tile or select Reporting in the top menu bar.

Nextiva Voice Analytics Home Page


  1. On the Custom tab, select a report type to form the foundation for the report.
  2. Select the desired format for the report.
  3. Determine how to break down the data.
  4. Choose how to display the data.

NOTE: The Daily Summary breakdown displays in only the Table view.

  1. Scroll down to view the sample report and apply filters.

NOTE: The chart shows sample data. Run the report to view the actual data.

  1. Enter a title for the report.
  2. Select the desired time range.
  3. Choose the call types to display in the report. Add call types from the Calls bank in the left panel or remove them by clicking the X corresponding to the call types to be removed.
  4. Select the locations to display in the report. Add locations from the Locations bank in the left panel or remove them by clicking the X corresponding to the location to be removed. 
  5. Click Save to save and run the custom report. Click Run to run the custom report without saving it.

Creating Custom Reports


After running the report, users can further refine the data, view details, and download the chart.

Custom Report


  1. Change the time range.
  2. Click to remove or restore call types.
  3. Click to turn real-time data ON (blue) or OFF (gray).
  4. Hover over the chart elements to view more details.
  5. Click to download the chart as a PDF file.


Businesses can schedule the reports to run regularly and be distributed automatically. They can also use them to create custom dashboards. For information on scheduling reports, click here. For information on creating custom dashboards, click here.

To view, edit, or delete custom reports:

  1. Select Reporting in the top menu bar.
  2. On the Saved tab, click the Gear icon corresponding to the desired custom report and select Edit, View, or Delete.

Saved Reports


With Nextiva Voice Analytics, companies can create over 250 different report templates with infinite customizations so they can tailor reports to meet their business needs.




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