Connecting the Plantronics CS510/CS520 Headset to a Desk Phone

The Plantronics CS500 Series headsets feature a streamlined design and professional performance with a talk time up to 13 hours. With superior comfort, easy call management, and outstanding audio quality, the CS500 Series is a reliable headset for many offices and desk-centric workers.

Below is a diagram and instructions explaining how to connect your headset base to a desk phone. 

For instructions on setting up your CS500 Series using an Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) click here.

  1. Disconnect the handset cord from the desk phone and insert it into the port on the telephone interface cable.
  2. Connect the end of the telephone interface cable (below) to the back of the headset base unit.

  1. Connect the telephone interface cable into the handset port on the desk phone.

NOTE: The desk phone and handset will continue to function like normal.

  1. Remove the handset from the cradle.
  2. Press the Call Control button on the headset to hear a dial tone. For troubleshooting information, click here.
  3. Dial a test call from the desk phone. If needed, fine tune the volume with the headset volume controls. You can also adjust the speaking and listening volumes on the desk phone.

      NOTE: The minimum recommended separation distance between your desk phone and the headset base unit is 6 inches. Incorrect positioning may cause noise and interference problems that lead to poor audio quality.

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