Connecting the Plantronics CS510/CS520 Headset to a Desk Phone with an EHS Cable


An Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cable allows the headset to engage the phone without having to remove the handset from the cradle. Electronic Hook Switch Cables (EHS) provide remote desk phone call control (answer/end) with your Plantronics wireless headset system

Follow the instructions below to connect your headset base unit to a desk phone using an Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cable.

  1. Connect the end of the EHS cable to the back of the headset base unit. 

NOTE: For Nextiva X-8XX phones, you will need a Snom EHS adapter. For all Poly VVX phones, you will need a APP-51 EHS cable. For all other phones, click here to check your phone for compatibility. 

  1. Connect the other end of the EHS cable to the desk phone as described in the guide that came with the cable.

NOTE: The desk phone and handset will continue to function like normal.

  1. Press the Call Control button on the headset to hear a dial tone
  2. Dial a test call from the desk phone. If needed, fine-tune the volume with the headset volume controls. You can also adjust the speaking and listening volumes on the desk phone.

NOTE: The minimum recommended separation distance between your desk phone and the headset base unit is 6 inches. Incorrect positioning may cause noise and interference problems that lead to poor audio quality.

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