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Page a group of users via the speakerphone using Group Paging. Multiple Group Paging groups can be configured for multiple different departments. For example, if an auto repair shop needs to relay a message to the entire garage, they can add only the garage users to the group. 

For information on how to initiate a group page, click here

Setting up Group Paging:

From the Nextiva Voice Admin Dashboard, hover over Locations > Manage Locations > select the location > Location Features > Group Paging.

Click the plus (+) sign and enter the required information below > Save

  • Name: Name of the group being created. 
  • Caller ID First Name: This will appear on the device(s) being paged. 
  • Caller ID Last Name: This will appear on the device(s) being paged. 
  • Phone number: The phone number to initiate a group page. 
  • Extension: The extension to call to initiate a group page. 
  • Department: The department to assign paging capabilities to. 
  • Calling Line ID: Additional information to display on the device(s) being paged. 
  • Confirmation Tone Sending Timeout: The amount of time, in seconds, for the tone to be heard on the device(s) being paged. 
  • Originators: List of Users that can begin the paging process. 
  • Targets: Target points for Users that will be paged. 

Initiating a Group Page:

To initiate a Group Page, dial the extension or phone number configured in the steps above. A system prompt will state “Paging system ready.” Once the message finishes playing, you can start speaking and the audio will play through the speakerphone of the targeted phones. On the receiving phones, a “Paging” system message will play before audio is heard.

NOTE: Not all phone models will allow for auto-answer. Testing has shown that the Cisco SPA series, Poly phones, Snom phones, and Yealink phones all auto-answer normally.  Examples of phones that will not auto-answer are the Cisco 79XX series and the Grandstream GXP series. The following phones are incompatible with the Group Paging feature:

  • Cisco 7940/7960
  • Cisco SPA 112
  • Linksys PAP2T
  • All Grandstream devices

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