Assigning supervisors to a Call Center

Call Centers can have one or more supervisors who monitor the overall health of the Call Center. Supervisors may have the ability to perform real-time queue management to review the number of calls in queue, wait times, and even reorder calls if needed.

With appropriate licensing, supervisors can manage agent ACD states, move agents to other queues if needed, and reroute calls to specific agents. Supervisors may also have the ability to listen to recorded calls, barge into live calls, and even silently monitor calls.

Visit, and click Login. From the NextOS home page, select Communication > Phone System > Voice Overview > Manage Locations > Actions > Call Center.

Visit, and click Login. From the Nextiva Voice admin dashboard, select Advanced Routing > Call Center Locations > Log In 

Assigning supervisors to a Call Center

Once the Configuration Portal launches in a new tab, select Call Center on the left Navigation Pane, then select Call Centers under the Basic column.

Nextiva Opening The Call Centers View


Select the Call Center for which you would like to add or modify a supervisor by clicking on the name of the Call Center.

Nextiva Opening the Call Center Configuration

Select the Supervisors option under Basic.

Click the Search option to bring up a list of users available to be a supervisor.

Nextiva Search Users


From the list of available users, select the user(s) to whom you wish to assign supervisor permissions, and select the Add > button to move them to the Assigned Supervisors column. When finished, select the Apply button.

Nextiva Assigning a Supervisor


Agents still need to be assigned to the supervisor. Select the Assign Agents tab at the top of the page.

NOTE: One Agent can have multiple supervisors if needed. 

Nextiva Assigning Agents on Call Center


Select the supervisor to whom you are assigning agents in the dropdown-list in the upper-left and select the Add > button to move them to the Assigned Agents column. When finished, select the OK button. The Supervisor has now been assigned to the appropriate Call Center and has assigned agents to monitor.

Nextiva Assign Agents to a Supervisor


For instructions on how to assign agents to a call center, click HERE.

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