What is Nextiva Call Encryption?

Nextiva Call Encryption adds an additional layer of security for voice calls made on the Nextiva network. By request, encryption is available to Nextiva Voice customers on specific phone models, as well as the Nextiva Desktop App.  To better privatize business conversations, companies can add this feature at no additional charge. 

Nextiva supports Call Encryption for the following Poly phone models on firmware 6.0 or higher:

  • Poly VVX 150
  • Poly VVX 250
  • Poly VVX 350
  • Poly VVX 450


Nextiva supports Call Encryption for the following Cisco models on firmware 11.2.1 or higher:

  • Cisco-CP6841-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP6851-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP7811-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP7821-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP7841-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP7861-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP8811-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP8841-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP8845-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP8851-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP8861-3PCC
  • Cisco-CP8865-3PCC


Nextiva also encrypts calls made from the Desktop App, Mac or PC.

NOTE: Nextiva mobile apps do not currently support Call Encryption.

The Call Encryption feature requires a back-end setup by Nextiva’s Amazing Service Team. Please Submit a Ticket and select VoIP Feature Setup > How do I set up Call Encryption? Be sure to include the user information and MAC addresses of any devices requesting Call Encryption.


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