Using Meet-Me Conferencing as a Participant

Meet-Me Conferencing, also known as  is the Nextiva conference bridge that connects multiple callers at different locations into the same live call as an alternative to face-to-face meetings. Each Meet-Me Conference license allows up to 9 participants to join at one time. Participants can include any combination of users inside and outside the organization.

Using the Conference

Call in to the phone number or extension that was provided by the moderator, then enter the conference ID to log in to the conference bridge. While logged in to  the conference bridge, press * to access the Participant menu.

Participant Controls

While logged in to the conference, participants can press * to access the following conference controls:

* – Repeat menu options

0 – Transfer to Operator

1 – Mute or unmute

2 – Participant count, followed by roll call

9 – Log in as moderator (this will prompt them to enter the moderator PIN)

# – Return to the conference

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Updated on February 26, 2019

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