Using Meet-Me Conferencing as a Moderator

Meet-Me Conferencing, Nextiva’s conference solution, allows users to dial one number to instantly hold meetings from any location.  Each Meet-Me Conference license allows up to 9 participants to join at one time on the Office Pro Plus account, and a conference bridge can hold up to 250 with the appropriate license (sold separately).. Participants can include any combination of users inside and outside the organization.

Using the Conference

Dial the phone number or extension assigned to the conference bridge, and enter the moderator PIN to start. While on an active conference call, press * to access the Moderator menu.

Moderator Menu Controls

1 – Mute or unmute

2 – Participant count, followed by roll call

3 – Turn Lecture Mode on or off (All participants, except the moderator, are automatically muted when joining the conference.)

4 – Lock or unlock the conference (When locked, no additional participants are allowed to join the conference.)

5 – Enable or disable Call Recording for the conference bridge

6 – Invite a new participant by calling the participant

8 – End conference

# – Return to the conference

* – Repeat the menu options

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