Using Account Codes with Nextiva Call Detail Records

Account Codes are fields in Call Detail Records (CDRs) that businesses can leverage to display information on wallboards, gain analytical insight via Business Intelligence software, and track calls for billable clients.

For example, a law firm needs to monitor call times to apply them as billable hours for each client. Nextiva’s Onboarding Team can configure an Account Code for Agents to use for each client and dial the client’s code during calls to apply the code to the CDR. Using Account Codes, a billing department can view and analyze calls to bill clients appropriately. Nextiva can deliver CDRs as a .csv or .json file to a Secure FTP server once a day.

NOTE: Enabling Account Codes requires a back-end setup. Contact our Amazing Service Team at (800) 285-7995 to configure Account Codes before following the usage instructions below.

NOTE: Mandatory Usage Users will be prompted on every outbound call to enter an Account Code. Optional Usage Users will not hear a prompt and will enter Account Codes if they choose. If an Agent keys in an incorrect Account Code, the system will still accept the code. Repeat the process with the correct code to update the CDR with the correct code. 


  • A Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server is required, either on-premise or in the cloud
  • It is important that a developer with experience can interpret the CDR data (Nextiva does not offer this)
  • CDRs can only be pushed to one SFTP server
  • CDRs can be pushed once per day
  • Simultaneous Ring will cause multiple CDRs to be produced for a single call, potentially skewing data

Entering Account Codes for Outbound Calls

  1. Dial *71 to hear “Please dial X digit Account Code,” where X is the number of digits configured during setup.
  2. Enter the desired Account Code and wait for the dial tone.
  3. Dial the number or extension of the desired party. The Account Code is applied to the CDR after the call has ended.


Entering Account Codes for Inbound Calls

  1. While engaged on an inbound call, place the party on hold and open a second line.
  2. Dial *71 to hear “Please dial X digit Account Code,” where X is the number of digits configured during setup.
  3. Enter the desired Account Code. The line will disconnect.
  4. Select the original line key to resume the call.
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