Setting Up a 3-way Conference Call on a Poly Phone

You can create a conference (3-way) call with other parties using the conference feature on your Poly phone. A conference call can be created with an active call or a call that is on hold (on the same line or from another line on the phone) by either pressing the More or Join soft keys on the display.

To start a conference (3-way) call:

  1. Call the first person or while you are on a current call, press the Conference button on the phone (or Confrnc soft key on the display) to create a new call. 
  2. Call the second party. 

NOTE: Either dial the number directly or search for the number in the Call Lists or in the Contact Directory.

  1. When the second party answers, press the Conference or the Confrnc soft key on the display again to join all parties to the call.
  2. To end the conference (3-way) call, press the END CALL soft key on the display or hang up.

NOTE: Depending on the phone model, the 3-way call may disconnect all parties if the host disconnects.

NOTE: Depending on the phone model, users can split a conference (3-way) call by pressing the SPLIT soft key on the display screen. This will break the calls into 2 separate calls again, and place both parties on hold.

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