Porting FAQs

What is porting?

Porting is the process of moving your phone number away from your current provider and transferring it to another provider, such as Nextiva.

How do I transfer my number to Nextiva?

Nextiva works with one of our hosted carriers to port in your numbers, which requires a completed Letter Of Agency (LOA) and a recent bill from the current provider to start. During this time, you will have service with both Nextiva and your previous provider. You are encouraged to set up your Nextiva phone system using the temporary numbers assigned to you before the completion of porting. For more information on transferring your numbers to Nextiva, click here.

How long does it take to port a number? 

Porting can take 2-4 weeks to complete. If you have not received a confirmation email after 48 business hours of submission, please email us at porting@nextiva.com or Submit a Case.

How do I forward calls during porting?

Once your Nextiva phones are set up, you’ll want to set up a forward with your current provider so that your numbers will route to your Nextiva phones before the porting completes.

Can you contact my current carrier and forward my telephone numbers for me?

No. Nextiva is not authorized to add or make changes to your account with your current provider. Please contact your current provider to set up a forward to your temporary Nextiva numbers.

Can I port my phone number to use as both a voice and fax? 

No. Nextiva can port your number as either a voice or fax number, but it cannot be used as both.

When will my porting be completed?

The porting process generally takes 2 to 4 weeks (10-20 business days) to complete from the time of submission.
Nextiva will be working with one of our hosted carriers to port in your numbers. We will submit your information to one of our hosted carriers who will then submit the port request to your current carrier.

We will check the status of the port request daily and inform you via email as soon as we receive a confirmed scheduled port date from the current carrier.

When can I cancel service with my current carrier?

Disconnected numbers cannot be ported. Please wait until your number has been completely ported before calling to cancel service with your current provider.

Nextiva Porting will send you a port date via email. We recommend waiting a couple of days after your port has completed before calling to cancel with your current carrier.

When you do cancel with your previous provider, please confirm with them that they are removing the number from their system. If your number is left in their system, some of their customers may have trouble calling you.

Why was my port request rejected?

Either there is an account mismatch and the LOA that needs to be corrected, there’s a pending order on your account, or a feature removal is needed, such as a distinctive ring.

When a port request has been rejected, Nextiva Porting will email you the detailed reason and how to resolve this with your current carrier. You must contact your current carrier to obtain the correct information and resolve the issue.

Please inform our team when the issue has been resolved, so that we may resubmit the request.

What time of day will my numbers Port?

Due to the fluctuating volume of ports daily for each carrier, a specific time of day is not scheduled for ports to complete.

How much does it cost to port my numbers?

You will be responsible to pay your current provider and Nextiva for service during the porting process.

Why do you say my numbers are not portable but my current carrier says they are?

Nextiva uses hosted carriers to port in telephone numbers. We have inquired with all of our carriers, and essentially, it is because of the rate center (or prefix) this number falls into. We do not have a “footprint” in the geographical area and are not able to service these numbers. Unfortunately, there is nothing further we can do, as our providers explain that building routes and coverage to areas such as this is a lengthy process based on demand.

Alternatively, if you do not need this specific number(s), we can assign a new, similar number(s) under our service.

How can I cancel a port request?

Once your porting request has been accepted for an exact porting date (called FOC), we will require 72 hours notice in order to cancel the order if necessary.

To cancel your port in, please email us at porting@nextiva.com or Submit a Ticket.

To cancel a port away from Nextiva, please contact the new provider to which you submitted the LOA paperwork.

How can I port out my number?

Nextiva uses hosted carriers to provide service for your numbers. If you are attempting to port away from Nextiva, your new provider will be working with one of our hosted carriers. Please note some of our numbers are under Nextiva’s name and address on our hosted carriers’ account. Please email Customer Relations or Submit a Ticket.

Include a list of Nextiva numbers you want to port out so that we may send you the correct Customer Service Record information needing to be forwarded to your new provider for port out.

Fill out your new provider’s LOA with the Customer Service Record information provided. Then the new company can submit the request.
Contact your new provider for an update on the status of your port.

Nextiva will not cancel your account unless requested. Please contact us after you numbers have completed porting out if a cancellation is needed.

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