Nextiva Desktop App Overview: Call Settings and Preferences

The Nextiva App is the primary access point for business users to manage their unified communications solutions. It has never been easier to use voice, video, instant messaging, and presence services from a single device. Users can access business phone account information and feature settings from their computer, tablet, or any mobile device. The app is supported on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android platforms.

The Nextiva App for Windows and macOS allows you to configure general settings, incoming and outgoing call settings, voicemail settings, change Call Center ACD states, and logging for advanced troubleshooting.

The Nextiva App for Android and iOS allows you to have a similar, more streamlined experience with only the most commonly used call settings like Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, as well as logging for advanced troubleshooting. In this article, we will explore each option within the drop-down menus.

NOTE: As a prerequisite, a Pro or Enterprise Business Communication Suite license, an Office Pro Plus or Office Enterprise license, or the Nextiva App add-on is needed to use the Nextiva App. For instructions adding licensing, click here or call Nextiva Support.









Settings in the Nextiva App for Windows and macOS are laid out in seven sections:

To jump to the section for General Settings click here.

To jump to the section for Media configuration click here.

To jump to the section for Incoming Call settings click here.

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To jump to the section for Voicemail settings click here.

To jump to the Services section for Call Center ACD states click here.

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Settings for iOS and Android are more streamlined and offer access to the most commonly used call settings in two sections:

To jump to the section for Call Settings click here.

To jump to the section for Preferences click here.

Accessing Call Settings and Preferences

To access the Options section for Windows and macOS, click the Options nextivaappgeariconicon in the bottom-left corner of the App.

Options Icon

Change Call Preferences: General

Under General, Users can customize login preferences to save your password or sign in automatically. Users can also customize whether you would like to be asked before deleting contacts, history info, publishing your location, or ending a call/chat communication, to be sure you do want to make the change. There are also Accessibility options to assist with using the App.

NOTE: There is no save button; updates are saved automatically.

General Settings


Change Call Preferences: Media

Under Media, Users can choose input and output settings for both speakers and microphone, ringtone and volume settings, as well as video capture settings. All other options are configured according to recommended settings.

NOTE: There is no save button; updates are saved automatically.

Media Settings


Change Call Preferences: Incoming Calls

Under Incoming Calls, Users can turn on/off Do Not Disturb, set up Simultaneous Ring, and change Call Waiting options. Recently, more settings have been added, including Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Waiting

NOTE: There is no save button; updates are saved automatically.

Incoming Calls Settings


Change Call Preferences: Outgoing Calls

Under Outgoing Call Options, there are three configuration settings for outgoing calls:

Outgoing Call Settings

  • Automatic Callback: If you are calling another Nextiva User at your company and you are in the same Group/Location as the User, you can receive an automatic callback if you call a person who is already on a call. This allows you to receive a call-back reminder to your phone as soon as the busy party ends their call, or Do Not Disturb is turned off. The system will monitor the busy party for the next 30 mins to determine when/if they become available. 

NOTE: This only works if Users are at the same location and are all under the same account, with a maximum of 30 minutes waiting.

  • Highlight to Call: If you have your App open and highlight a phone number, you can assign a Short key/Hotkey, which will activate an outbound call to the highlighted phone number instantly. You can choose from the options in the Hotkey drop-down.

Highlight to Call Hotkey Settings

NOTE: To use the feature, highlight any phone number on your computer and push the Hotkey you picked. In the example above, Ctrl+Shift+C is the Hotkey. This feature works within browsers, email, and even MS Office.


  • Block My Caller ID: To hide or mask your outbound caller ID, activate Block My Caller ID and make a call out. To the receiving caller, your Caller ID will show as Unavailable if this feature is enabled.


Change Call Preferences: Voicemail

Under Voicemail, many popular User-level voicemail configurations can be accessed via the App, including settings for voicemail to email, rings before greeting, and “Press ‘0’ to transfer” during the voicemail message. 

NOTE: There is no save button; updates are saved automatically.

Voicemail Settings


Change Call Preferences: Services (Call Center ACD)

Under Services, Call Center Agents have an access point where they can change ACD statuses on the fly. Users can join and leave Call Centers they have been assigned to.

NOTE: The User signed into the Nextiva App must have a Call Queuing, Call Center Pro, or Call Center Enterprise license to see this setting. If missing, check the licenses assigned to the User.  

Services Settings


Once an Agent is joined to a Call Center, they can sign in and go Available to take calls, sign out in Unavailable for meetings and breaks, and sign out of the queue to leave for the day.

ACD State Options


Change Call Preferences: Advanced

Under Advanced, there is Logging details, Proxy configuration options, as well as a section to show your Meet-Me Conference room details.  

NOTE: There is no save button; updates are saved automatically.

Advanced Settings


For additional questions, contact our Support Team at support@nextiva.comSubmit a Ticket, or give us call at 800.285.7995.


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Updated on July 15, 2020

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