Nextiva desktop app settings

Access vital call settings and commonly used features such as Do Not Disturb, Remote Office, and Call Forwarding directly from the Nextiva App. 

Click Options > General to reveal a drop-down menu of options.

  • Under General, set up your language, notifications, and accessibility settings. Including your audio and video preferences. 
  • Under Outgoing Calls, block your caller id and enable/disable Automatic Callback, which allows you to automatically receive a callback if another user is currently on a call.  

NOTE: Automatic Callback only works if both users are in the same group/location. 

  • Under Incoming Calls, enable/disable Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting, Remote Office, Call Forwarding, Nextiva Anywhere, and more. 
  • Under Voicemail, configure your email preferences, such as the number of rings before sending the call to voicemail, for example.
  • Under Services, call center agents can instantly change their ACD statuses and sign in and sign out of the assigned call center queues.

NOTE: A Call Queuing, Call Center Pro, or Call Center Enterprise license is required for this option. 

  • Under Integrations, manage any installed integrations. 
  • Under Advanced, there are logging details, proxy configuration options, and your conference room details.  
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