Uploading a Common Phone List

Administrators can store frequently dialed numbers in the cloud by adding names and phone numbers to a Common Phone List. Administrators can upload a Common Phone List by uploading a .csv file. Common Phone Lists are available on the Group level to deploy to a group of Users or the User level to deploy to a specific User.

NOTE: Before uploading a Common Phone List file, please contact our Amazing Service Team at (800) 285-7995 and let us know to make the needed changes so devices can access the Common Phone List.


Preparing the CSV File

Making sure the .csv file is formatted correctly is required for the Common Phone List to function properly and display on devices. When uploading a .csv file, a maximum of 500 contacts can be uploaded at once, with a limit of 10,000 contacts total.

NOTE: A single column of the .csv file can hold a maximum of 50 characters.

NOTE: Not all phones are capable of retrieving a Common Phone List.


“Name, Phone number”

“Jane B Doe”,”301-555-1231″

“Jane M Doe”,”301-555-1232″

“Jane W Doe”,”301-555-1233″

“John B Doe”,”301-555-1234″

“John D Doe”,”301-555-1235″

Click to download an example .csv file detailing the proper formatting.

Uploading the Common Phone List

  1. Visit nextiva.com, and click Client Login to log in to NextOS.
  2. From the NextOS Home Page, select Voice.
  3. From the Nextiva Voice Admin Dashboard, hover over Advanced Routing and select Call Center Locations.
  4. Click the blue Log In button to the right of the Location for which the Group or User belongs.
  5. The Configuration Portal launches in a new tab on the Group Select Utilities from the menu on the left side.
  6. Select Common Phone List.
  7. Select the Import Phone List link and click Choose File.
  8. Locate the desired file and click OK to upload the phone list.
  9. Verify the phone list appears, then reboot the device by temporarily disconnecting the power from the back.

Navigate to the Configuration Portal and Upload List


NOTE: To verify a particular phone model is supported, or if experiencing issues uploading the file, please contact our Amazing Service Team at (800) 285-7995 or email support@nextiva.com for assistance


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Updated on November 6, 2019

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