How to Understand the Status Lights On Nextiva Clarity NA250B/NA320E

How to understand the status lights on your Nextiva Clarity™ NA250B/NA320E

On the lower left of the Nextiva Clarity NA250B/NA320E model's faceplate, you will find 3 LED lights. These are lit in different patterns to represent different statuses:

  • One solid light — Unit Has Power: If only one light is lit, the Nextiva Clarity device has power but no active internet connection. The device may not be plugged into a modem, or its WAN connection may be disconnected.
  • One solid light, One flashing light — Calibrating: When one light is solid and one light is flashing, the system is attempting to calibrate the internet connection to allow network devices to access the internet.
  • Two solid lights — Internet connection has been detected: If two lights are lit, the Nextiva Clarity device has power and has detected an internet connection. However, the device isn't passing that internet connection to your network yet. It may have incorrect connection information and be forbidden from accessing the connection.
  • Three solid lights — System is ready and operational: When all three lights are lit up and solid, all connected devices should be able to access the internet connection.
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