Setting up Remote Office

Use an alternate number, such as a mobile or home phone number, as the user’s office phone number. To make calls, the user must use call control tools such as a dialer or call manager.

Choose the image that looks most like your screen once logged in.

Setting up Remote Office in NextOS

(Admin) From the NextOS admin home page, select Users > Actions > Voice Settings > Mobility

(User) From the NextOS user home page, select Manage my settings or My settings from the top menu > Calls > Mobility

Enter the remote phone number and click Save


Setting up Remote Office in Nextiva Voice

(Admin) From the Nextiva Voice admin dashboard, hover your cursor over Users > Manage Users. Hover the cursor over the user and click the pencil icon to the right > Mobility.  

(User) From the Nextiva Voice user dashboard, click the pencil icon to the right of Remote Office in the My active features tile, or click All features at the bottom right of the tile > Mobility.

Click the pencil icon o the right of the Remote Office option and enter the phone number. Click Save





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