Starting a conference call on a VTech Phone

Have a conversation with two parties with conference calling. The following instructions apply to the following VTech desk phones:

  • VTech VSP715
  • VTech VSP725 / VSP726
  • VTech VSP735 / VSP736
  • VTech VCS754

NOTE: The VSP735 has a CONFERENCE button. Use this button instead of a softkey when conferencing calls.

Conferencing on a VTech Phone

  1. With an active call on the line, press left or right on the 4-Way Navigation Key (VSP715 only) to view the next set of softkeys and press the Conf softkey (all other models. The call is automatically put on hold, and the conference setup screen appears.
  2. Enter the phone number or extension of the second party, then press the Dial softkey (VSP715 only). The Directory or Call History lists can be used to place the second call.


    NOTE: To cancel the conference call, press the Cancel soft key, and then press the Resume softkey to return to the original party.

  3. When the second party answers, press the Conf softkey to join the two parties in a conference.

Managing Conference Calls on a VTech Phone

Press left or right on the navigational key to view the following soft key options:

  • To put the conference on hold, press the Hold soft key.
  • To resume the conference, press the Resume soft key.
  • To end the call with the 2nd party and return to the first party, press the End soft key.
  • To place the 1st caller on hold and remain with the 2nd party, press the Split soft key.
  • To join both parties and return the Vtech phone to idle, press the Bridge soft key.
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