How to access enhanced call logs

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Enhanced Call Logs give Administrators vital information beyond Nextiva Call History logs, such as placed calls (recent outgoing calls), received calls (recent incoming calls that you answered), and missed calls (recent incoming calls that were unanswered). This feature requires an upgrade to Enterprise for each User that an Administrator wants to view. Basic call logs are available to all Users.

NOTE: If you’re looking for full call details including Trend Analysis and Gamification, please see Nextiva Analytics.

Accessing Enhanced Call Logs:

    1. From the Nextiva Voice Admin Dashboard, hover-over Advanced Routing Call Center Locations > Log in. This will open a new Configuration Portal screen. Click UsersSearch > Edit.

Search for and Select the User

  1. Select Utilities > Enhanced Call Logs in the center of the page. The call logs will be visible on the screen. There are three tabs for Placed Calls, Received Calls, and Missed Calls. Within Enhanced Call Logs, the following details are displayed for each call:
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Duration 
  • Outgoing Call Center DNIS: For calls placed from a call center, the phone number used to place the call.
  • Date/Time
  • Redirection Number: This is the phone number to which the call was redirected, if applicable.
  • Redirection Type: This is the type of redirection. If the call was redirected because you were on a call, for example, Call Forward Busy would be shown.
  • Redirection Class: Provides information about the class of redirection (Intra-Group, Enterprise, and Network).

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