Setting a Static IP Address on a Cisco/Linksys Phone

NOTE: This guide is not compatible with the Cisco SPA525G phone.

The first step in assigning a static IP address is to gather information specific to the network to which it will be connected.

Information needed:

  • IP address the device will be assigned (ie. 192.168.X.X)
  • Subnet Mask (ie. 255.255.255.X)
  • Default Gateway/Routers IP address (ie. 192.168.X.X)
  • DNS Servers (Nextiva recommends using Google’s DNS: &

Once you have the IP address information, it’s time to input it into the phone. To do this, press the Menu button on your Cisco or Linksys device. Scroll to number 9 of the menu options, labeled as Network. Once the Network option is highlighted on the screen, press the Select button.

The WAN Connection Type of the phone will appear. By default, the phone is set to DHCP. Press the Edit button displayed on the screen of the phone.

Press the Option button on the phone screen until you see Static IP.

Press OK. The phone is now ready to receive the information gathered at the beginning of this guide.

A list of networking options will appear on the phone screen. Using the directional pad on the phone, scroll down until the Non-DHCP IP Address is highlighted on the screen and press Edit.

Enter the IP address gathered at the beginning of this guide.

NOTE: Use the start button for dots when entering IP addresses.

Once the Non-DHCP IP Address is entered, press OK. Repeat these steps for the Subnet mask, Default Gateway, and DNS. Once all the information has been entered, press Save and reboot the phone.

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