Creating or updating a security PIN

The security PIN is needed when calling into Nextiva support to make changes to the account, or to get account-specific information.  

Choose the image that looks most like your screen once logged in.


Creating or updating a security PIN in NextOS

From the NextOS admin dashboard, select Users > Actions > Edit Profile > Role. The user must have an admin role assigned to set up a security pin. 

Once the user’s role has been updated, the user must log in and set up the security pin. To set up the security PIN, click your initials on the top right and select My Profile > Security PIN. Click Save


Creating or updating a security PIN in Nextiva Voice

From the Nextiva voice admin dashboard, hover over Users at the top and select Manage Users. Select the user and click Security Information

Click the Authorized User checkbox and enter a security pin. Click Save. Nextiva will need to verify the matching first and last name of authorized user on the account.

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