How Can I Port Out My Number?

Nextiva uses hosted carriers to provide service for your numbers. If you are attempting to port away from Nextiva, your new provider will be working with one of our hosted carriers. Please note some of our numbers are under Nextiva’s name and address on our hosted carriers' account.

Please email Customer Relations or Submit a Ticket.

Include a list of Nextiva numbers you want to port out so that we may send you the correct Customer Service Record information needing to be forwarded to your new provider for port out.

Fill out your new provider's LOA with the Customer Service Record information provided. Then the new company can submit the request.

Contact your new provider for an update on the status of your port.

Nextiva will not cancel your account unless requested. Please contact us after you numbers have completed porting out if a cancellation is needed.

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Updated on April 7, 2018

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