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Troubleshoot: Group Paging

Group Paging is a way for users to page a group of other users via the speakerphone on the phone. This is useful if you need to get the attention of all employees at once. Once you set up a group, if you are dialing the Group Paging number and the feature isn’t working, please read this article.

Note, not all phone models will allow for Group Paging, and specifically, a feature called auto-answer, which is required to make Group Paging work properly. Cisco SPA series, Polycom Soundpoint or VVX, Snom series phones and most Yealink phones will work properly. Examples of phones that will not auto-answer are Cisco 7900 series and Grandstream GXP series.

If you are having any issues please chat with our Support Team, submit a ticket or send an email to

Updated on December 16, 2016

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