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Explaining Roles: Administrator vs. Users

This is to explain the different roles that the administrator and users play in accessing the account, making changes or working with the Nextiva Support team.

Admin Description:

An administrator can log in at, and a user can only log in at Administrator’s are the ones who have full access to everything on the account such as services, features and user settings. They are the only ones who can add authorized users to the account, as well.

Administrator: Login.

User Description:

A user is someone on the account who has a log in to access their direct settings such as special features, call forwarding and anything else specific to the user. A user can only see user-level settings, and not those at the administrator level, such as Hunt Groups and Auto Attendants.

However, once a user is added as an authorized user by the administrator, they can call Nextiva Support and/or email in for assistance. The user will always have access to their user-level settings, however, you can also grant any user admin privileges, as long as they have their security PIN when working with support.

User: Login.

Administrator vs. Users

  • When an Administrator logs in they have access to all feature setups, sites and employees.
  • When a user logs in they can only access their own specific settings and can’t access the account services, such as Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups or Call Centers.
  • Administrators can also reset passwords for any user. Once logged in, a user can update their personal passwords, including the voicemail box PIN. They do not have access to other users.

That’s it! Now you know what an Administrator and user have access to for your account. To change any of the assigned services you will need the Administrator to log in and access any user specific settings, then a user can log in and access that new information.

To contact our support team please email us at, Submit a Ticket, or give us call at 800.285.7995.

Updated on December 16, 2016

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