Customizing line keys and programmable keys on a device

Many devices include the ability to program specific keys with alternate functions. Common functions include:

  • Line Labels: Show a user’s name instead of the extension
  • Line Mirroring: Duplicates registered line keys (i.e. multiple keys to access line 1)
  • Call Park: Parks calls against a predetermined extension
  • Do Not Disturb (DND): Adds a DND key if one is not available on the phone keypad
  • Call Retrieve: Retrieves calls from a predetermined extension
  • ACD States: Call Center Agents can Sign In / Out, Go Available / Unavailable, etc.
  • Speed Dial / Quick Dial: One-touch speed dial to commonly dialed numbers or extensions
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF): Special configuration for some devices to view BLF keys

Often these settings can be configured through the web interface of the phone. However, any keys configured in the web interface will likely be reset to the default function when the device connects to Nextiva’s configuration server and the configuration file does not match the configuration of the device.

The best way to ensure that programmable keys are configured permanently is to Submit a Request to Nextiva’s Amazing Service Team. Please include the make and model of the device, as well as the desired functionality.

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