CRM Customization: Quick Start

Customize NextOS to best fit the business needs, such as the required forms and fields when creating a new record, or the priority and status options when submitting a new case, for example. Administrators can also create and manage all locations from here. 


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Manage Locations: When a business spans more than one location, it can be challenging to manage, and using multiple systems to keep track of each office can strain your resources and budget. NextOS allows you to manage Locations from one central place, making it easier than ever to manage multiple offices.


Case Priority Levels and Status Options: Customize priority levels and status options to best fit the business or department. For example, you can create multiple priority levels (i.e. critical, medium, and low) to signify its importance, and status (i.e. open, awaiting response, resolved) to indicate the progress toward a resolution.  


Forms and Fields: Customize the forms and fields that are required or available when creating a new record in Nextiva CRM. For example, when creating a new Contact, it might be required to include a name and phone number, but you also have the option to add an email and mailing address. 


Communication Channels for Teams: Configure communication channels so customers can quickly contact the appropriate department via phone or email. For example, a business might want to provide the option for customers to contact the sales and support teams by phone or email, but only email for the billing department.


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