Creating rules for Nextiva Social Media/Reputation Management

Use the Organizer to create personalized rules used for automation, such as instantly routing customer interactions to the appropriate workbaskets (aka teams) and generate a ticket id for the relevant messages. Below are a few examples of how you could take advantage of this tool. 

  • Auto-route tickets to the most qualified team members

  • Auto-response based on keywords found in the message

  • Auto-response to acknowledge the post was seen

  • Auto-tag messages to easily search and identify messages by topic

  • Business/after-hour routing (send tickets to the California team 5AM-9PM and to the New York team 9PM-5AM)

Creating rules

From the main dashboard, click Settings > Profile Management > Edit Profile > Organizer

To create a new rule, click Create and enter a name. 

Set the rule priority for sending auto-response/assignment (Optional).

Priority is measured on a scale of 0 to 300, where a higher number is associated with higher priority. If two or more rules match, the higher priority rule is triggered.

Set up the Rule Activity Time. You either choose “Always” or “Custom”.  

Define the condition for which the rules will run by selecting the source and the action to perform if the rule criteria is met. For example, if anyone sends you a message via Facebook, you can have it automatically send a response back confirming their message was received. Click Save.

Here are common actions:

  • Auto respond

      • Auto-replies will be sent to the user.

  • Tag a message

      • The message will get tagged.

  • Create a ticket

      • A ticket will be created and routed to the correct team or person. 

  • Alert a user/team

    • An alert will be sent to a specific team or person. 

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