Content Filtering: Blacklisting a Domain with Nextiva Clarity

Once Nextiva Clarity Content Filtering is enabled on your account, you’ll be able to add domains to your blacklist.  Blacklisting a domain (such as prevents users from accessing time-wasting or potentially harmful websites. Follow the steps below:
1.    Log in to with your login credentials. 
2.    Click the Site Name on the left.
3.    Click General Settings on the left.
4.    Click the Plus Sign on the right side of the Domain Blacklist tile.
5.    Enter the required information as indicated below.

•    Blacklist Domain: The domain to blacklist (e.g.

NOTE: It is not necessary to enter subdomains, such as

•    Blacklist Description: A short description of the domain (Figure 1-1).
How to Blacklist a Domain in NextivaFigure 1-1: Blacklist Domain.


6.    Click Save.

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