Call Center routing adjustment: stranded calls

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This article focuses on the routing of stranded calls, which happens when all agents have signed out of the queue (e.g. end of shift). This feature is only available for Professional or Enterprise Call Centers.


Setting up Stranded Call Routing in NextOS:

From the Nextiva Voice Admin Dashboard, hover over Advanced Routing at the top of the screen and select Call Center Locations.

Nextiva Call Center Locations


Select the Log In button to the right of the call center you wish to enable International calling on.

Nextiva Configuration Portal Login


The Configuration Portal will open in a new tab or window. On the left-hand menu, select Call Center. 

Select Call Centers under the Basic column. 

Nextiva Opening the Call Centers View

Select Edit to the right of the Call Center you wish to set up Stranded Call Routing for.

Nextiva Opening the Call Center Configuration

Select Routing Policies under the Options section on the left-hand side.

Select Stranded Calls under the Queue column. 

Under Action, select one of the following options: 

  • Leave in queue: All stranded calls will be left in the queue.
  • Perform busy treatment: All stranded calls will hear a busy tone.
  • Transfer to phone number/SIP-URI: All stranded calls will forward to a specific phone number.

Click OK to save changes.


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