Call center routing adjustment: bounced calls

Bounced Calls occur when an Agent is delivered a call from one of the Queues they have joined, and the Agent does not answer the incoming call. Instead of following normal routing policies for an incoming call (usually to the User’s voicemail), Call Centers have the ability to offer the call to the next available Agent after bouncing the call, to ensure that the incoming caller reaches an Agent.

NOTE: This feature is only available for Professional or Enterprise Call Centers. Call Queueing will not have this option available. 

Visit, and click Login. From the NextOS home page, select Communication > Phone System > Voice Overview > Manage Locations > Actions > Call Center.

Visit, and click Login. From the Nextiva Voice admin dashboard, select Advanced Routing > Call Center Locations > Log In 

Once the Configuration Portal launches in a new tab for convenience, select Call Center on the left Navigation Pane, then select Call Centers.

Nextiva Entering Call Centers

If you have more than one Call Center, you will see a list of Call Centers on the next page. Find the Call Center that you want to configure and click on Edit at the end of the row, or on the Call Center name directly.

Nextiva Call Center Selection

On the Call Center Profile screen, on the left under Options, click Routing Policies, then click Bounced Calls on the right under Queue.

Nextiva Call Center Bounced Calls Selection

The five configurable Bounced Calls settings include.

Nextiva Call Center Bounced Calls Configuration

  • Bounce calls after X rings: Check or uncheck Bounce calls after <X> rings and then enter the number of rings after which to bounce the call.
  • Transfer to phone number / SIP-URI: The phone number or extension to transfer the call to upon bouncing.
  • Bounce calls if agent becomes unavailable while routing the call: If an Agent goes into an Unavailable state, the call will be routed as a bounced call.
  • Alert agent if call is on hold for longer than X seconds: Alerts Agents if they place a call on hold for a specified amount of time.
  • Bounce calls after being on hold by agent for longer than X seconds: If an Agent leaves a call on hold, specifies the amount of time to wait before bouncing the call.

Click OK or Apply to save any changes.

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