Call Center roles

The Call Center is designed to support the requirements of multiple different users and the variety of roles they hold at your company. The roles include receptionist, administrator, call center agents and supervisors.

Administrator: The call center administrator can sign in to access and manage the services within that department. The administrator can change all the call center settings, such as queue length, wait times, announcements, assign agents, agent selection order, and access reports.

Agent: The call center agent can range from a casual agent who periodically receives ACD-related calls along with direct inbound calls to a formal call center agent who handles a high volume of inbound ACD calls in addition to making outbound calls.

Receptionist: The receptionist role provides visibility to the number of calls in queue as well as the ability to manipulate the queued calls. The receptionist can monitor multiple departments or groups by setting up a call center for each inbound number. This call center role is typically utilized for a receptionist or someone in a similar role.

Supervisor: The supervisor has the ability to see real-time monitoring of the queues and agents, as well as the ability to generate reports on-demand to see key performance indicators. Supervisors can also do the following: view and change agent availability, silently monitor or barge in on an active call, silently monitor next call in a queue, route calls in queue, and monitor queues in real time.

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