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Tomas Gorny

Meet the man solving the
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Tomas Gorny was born and raised in Poland. He moved to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream at the age of 20 without knowing any English.

Today, he’s a technology visionary, Co-founder and CEO of Unitedweb and Nextiva, and on the board of directors for Endurance International Group. Tomas has received numerous awards for his leadership in the technology industry. In 2014 he was recognized as the "Business Leader of the Year" at Arizona Technology Council’s 2014 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation, and in 2017, he was named Top Tech CEO by the Phoenix Business Journal.

Tomas Gorny

Companies are in a crisis

Tomas recognized early on that business communications are in a state of crisis. There are more ways to connect with customers than ever, but companies are missing the mark. He said, “We are living in the era of the customer. Expectations have never been higher, and while businesses are hearing more from customers, they are understanding less.”

Today’s businesses are failing because there are too many ways to connect with customers, causing companies to be entirely disconnected from the customer journey. There’s more complexity, but no clarity, leading to increased customer churn and poor staff retention - two expensive problems to fix.

The state of an organization’s communications has a significant impact on its bottom line, however, communication is the most common problem in business. As a result, Tomas and the Nextiva team set out to create the solution.

We are hearing more from the customer but understanding less.

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Tomas Gorny


Tomas’ vision is to help set businesses up for success with the powerful and intuitive technologies on Nextiva’s product line. Tomas is not a man motivated by financial outcomes; he feels he has a bigger purpose — to make a difference and leave a mark by empowering businesses around the world through innovative and reliable technology.

Through his tech companies, Tomas galvanizes employees, partners, and customers with the best tools in the industry to help their businesses grow.

Bring all the communication pieces together

Tomas has based the spirit of Nextiva on innovation.

In his early companies, Tomas experienced issues with phone systems, CRM, and collaboration solutions. Many other businesses were experiencing the same issues, and there was no solution on the market.

“Our mission was to simplify business communications, and our first slogan was to help every business - regardless of size - feel and operate like a Fortune 500 company, and we’ve backed this up with affordable pricing, easy to use products, and Amazing Service,” says Tomas.

Once again, Nextiva is venturing into a new territory. NextOS has been part of Tomas’ vision from the beginning when he drew it on a napkin nearly 12 years ago.


Nextiva has developed a solution for the future: One platform, one workspace, zero friction.

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Tomas Gorny
Tomas Gorny

Continuing to Build AmazingTM

Customer relationships are complex. NextOS helps you put them into focus and leverage a platform that creates the ultimate customer journey, making it easier than ever to connect.

NextOS is the all-in-one business communications platform that powers Nextiva’s solutions. The products on the NextOS platform enable businesses to achieve a clear, holistic, and unprecedented view of their customers.

NextOS brings together all of Nextiva’s tools, including Voice, Chat, Email Marketing, Surveys, Analytics, AI, and Automation, into one easy-to-use platform.

See how Nextiva will transform the way you communicate.

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Tomas Gorny

Driving change
through philanthropy

Tomas is passionate about making a mark and driving positive change in his community around charitable causes he believes can make a widespread impact. His philanthropic efforts are achieved through Nextiva Cares and the Gorny Foundation.

Nextiva Cares is our philanthropic branch dedicated to helping those in need in our Phoenix community. We partner with a local nonprofit organization each month to donate our time, funds, and resources.

The Gorny Foundation makes a difference through community outreach, health research in a variety of medical fields, educational programs that invest in the future of our youth, and global advocacy that encourages universal sensitivity and understanding of all races and religions.


I want to leave a lasting impact on the people who advance our lives through innovation and hard work.

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Tomas Gorny

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Nextiva has developed a solution for the future: One platform, one workspace, zero friction.

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