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Best Practices: Buying a Business Phone System

Your company is looking to buy a new phone system and you aren’t sure where to start. I recently wrote about how to choose an online vendor for The Huffington Post, and will incorporate those tips (and add more) in this piece to help business executives looking to switch to a modern business phone service.

First, embrace the cloudguy-on-desk-phone

Gone are the days of traditional landline phone systems. Cloud-based solutions allow companies the flexibility to seamlessly forward calls to cell phones, integrate offices (without having to cross physical phone lines) and apply fixes instantaneously (no more waiting until a storm passes to get your phone service back up and running).

Establish your goals

What do you love and hate about your current phone system? What do you wish it included? Phone systems are critically important to business operations and, although it may seem like an internal problem to solve, your phone service is something that impacts all of your customers so it pays to dedicate time to choosing the right vendor for your business.

Sit down with your management team and draw up a wish list for your next phone service provider.

Research providers

There are many cloud-based phone service providers out there, so it is important to talk with your network and research the best service for your company. Try narrowing your search to two or three providers and then calling them individually. Discuss offerings with customer service agents and ask every question that comes into your head. Good customer service employees will not rush you through the call, even if you don’t intend on making a purchase.

Check references

When talking with a customer service agent, ask for the names and phone numbers of three or four clients with comparable businesses to your own. Prepare questions and ring each one. Ask technical and non-technical questions such as:

  • How long was your set up process with this vendor?
  • How is the customer service?
  • How reliable is the phone service? Could you give examples?
  • When you run into problems, how are they handled?
  • What service/package did your company purchase?

Go with your gut

After speaking with several vendors and hearing testimonials of like-minded small business owners, you will likely know which service to choose. Strongly weigh a company’s customer service practices, then go with your gut and move forward. 

New to Nextiva: The Polycom VVX Series

The newest addition to Nextiva’s collection of VoIP-ready phones is the Polycom VVX series. These media phones are the most innovative devices that Nextiva has ever featured, offering a fully unified voice and video communication experience.

The combination of Polycom’s superior audio and video quality combined with Nextiva’s user interface and extensive features are sure to increase the productivity of executives and call attendants alike. The VVX business media phones offer premium-quality desktop voice and video communications for organizations of all sizes and intuitive features designed for multitasking needs and growing offices.

The Polycom VVX 300, 400, 500 & 600

One of our favorite devices of this new series is the Polycom VVX 500. Featuring 12-lines and a gesture-based user interface, the VVX 500 is designed to make navigation intuitive and easy. Want to learn more? Check out the extensive list of features that the phone has to offer.

The Polycom VVX 500 is available for $249.95, but this month you can enter the Upgrade Your Office contest and win a desk phone makeover from Nextiva! To become the hero of your office, simply tweet a picture of the coolest, most exciting thing in your office to @Nextiva with the hashtag #MyAmazingOffice. Each Wednesday, we will pick a winner who will receive brand new Polycom VVX 500 phones for their entire office!

To learn about the full collection of Polycom VVX phones available from Nextiva, visit our VoIP Phones page.

Business VoIP FAQ’s

According to a study by Forrester Consulting, 40 percent of all firms surveyed expressed an interest in better voice services, such as VoIP, that are beyond core telecommunications services. This interest is being driven by compelling business advantages of VoIP. Many believe that VoIP will soon replace land-line phones entirely. And we thought you’d be interested in some important frequently asked questions about VoIP as you consider making the switch.

What is VoIP?

While several of our posts cover this, if you’re new to the topic, it’s worth a quick refresher. VoIP converts voice into data packets that are then transmitted over the Internet and/or over a private IP network. When you call somebody on a VoIP phone system, the data packets are converted to a regular telephone signal and then are transmitted to the caller.

What VoIP equipment is needed?

For a basic VoIP system, all that is needed is a broadband Internet connection and a VoIP-enabled phone, a traditional phone connected to an adapter, or a computer with VoIP software. Numerous businesses are now using VoIP on their own private networks.

What Are the Benefits of VoIP?

  • Reduce your local and long-distance charges
  • Manage only one network for both voice and data services
  • Reduce your travel costs through online conferencing, easy-to-use video calls and other collaboration tools
  • Easily add, move, and change your business and employee contact information in your small business phone system as needed
  • Your employees have more ways to stay connected, and customers can more easily reach you

What Features do you get with VoIP?

VoIP enables numerous features, without having to pay extra fees including, voicemail, Caller ID, conferencing, forwarding and unlimited long distance, plus many advanced features that make small companies seem like big business.

Ready to get started with VoIP and save big on your business phone costs? We’d love to talk.

Did you know…? Nextiva Launches NextOS™ for Small and Midsize Businesses

Nextiva NextOS

Did you know that Nextiva upgraded our unified communications platform? We recently launched NextOS, a technology infrastructure that supports more than five million businesses and 20 million consumers around the globe. While Nextiva serves small and midsize companies in the United States, it’s great to know that we’re in the company of 18 of the top 25 global telecom providers.

What does NextOS mean to Nextiva customers?

NextOS provides the peace of mind that you don’t have to question the reliability of your business phone system. It means that you can count on 99.9% uptime of your business VoIP service. We’d love to be able to guarantee 100%, but the simple truth is that nobody can. By the same token, we are doing everything we can to get as close as humanly possible. For example, we have a team of 1,500 telecom engineers and experts continuously developing, enhancing and maintaining the platform. And, we have more than doubled our in-house customer support team. At Nextiva, we want you to know that we’re there when you need us, whether you’re just getting started with a VoIP phone system or you already know the business benefits of VoIP and are making the switch to Nextiva.

Here’s how it works

With NextOS supporting all Nextiva Office and Nextiva Call Center plans, you gain advanced features and services you don’t typically find in a small business phone system. The platform delivers front office tools like intelligent automated call distribution and a receptionist console; hosted PBX systems that typically don’t even require you to change phones; and hosted call center services with complete agent and supervisor dashboard and reporting. NextOS supports your business mobility as well. Whether your business is in one location or hundreds of sites across the country, the NextOS unified communications platform is designed to scale and grow with your business.

Get started with the Nextiva business VoIP plan that’s right for you.

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